How much will we pay you for answering online surveys?

You will be rewarded for every survey you complete. The amount of money you will receive depends on the length and type of survey (please see table below). As soon as survey is finished, rewards are added and accumulated on your panel account. Once you reach the transaction minimum you can receive your rewards through GCodes.

To get your payment, you need to have a GCodes account (you can register for an account by visiting
It is very important that your GCodes account has the same email address as the email address you receive surveys to (we send money only to this email) - you will find more information here. Make sure to activate the GCodes within 90 days of generation.

GCodes vouchers
GCodes reward code are virtual gift cards that can be redeemed for a range of products or services. Depending on the country you live you can redeem your voucher for anything from magazines to mobile top-ups and travel vouchers (visit GCodes FAQ page to learn more about GCodes).

Connected Payment Methods

Panelists can redeem their rewards using the following method/s once they have earned the minimum amount per transaction.


Payment Name

Transaction value in EUR

Estimated transaction value in UAH

(as on 24.07.2018)

TGM - GCodes (GCodes (English) - EUR)

10 EUR 323.50 UAH


Panelist reward model

The model below illustrates what a panelist will earn for a completed survey of a given length in minutes. Maximum length of the interview shall not exceed 30 minutes. 


From - To (in minutes)
Reward (EUR)
Estimated reward in local currency (UAH)
(as on 25.08.2018)
0 - 2 0.10 EUR 3.22 UAH
3 - 4 0.20 EUR 6.44 UAH
5 0.20 EUR 6.44 UAH
6 - 7 0.30 EUR 9.67 UAH
8 - 9 0.30 EUR 9.67 UAH
10 - 11 0.40 EUR 12.89 UAH
12 - 13 0.40 EUR 12.89 UAH
14 - 15 0.50 EUR 16.11 UAH
16 - 18 0.70 EUR 22.56 UAH
19 - 20 0.70 EUR 22.56 UAH
21 - 23 0.80 EUR 25.78 UAH
24 - 25 0.90 EUR 29.01 UAH
26 - 27 1.00 EUR 32.23 UAH
28 - 30 1.30 EUR 41.90 UAH


TGM Research - mobile surveys

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